Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Scandinavian Baking Center

As most of you know, we recently moved to a new community. It's been a long process! Brent moved last November into an apartment and I trailed behind..... not moving until September. Just 2 weeks ago we moved into our house here.

It's been fun and also alot of hard work packing and unpacking. We are still not done, but slowly and surely we'll get there!

One of the things I really wanted was to make a baking center. My Grandma Laura had an old fashioned baking center cupboard and I just loved it. My brother has it now. It has drawers that pull out for flour, sugar, etc. She was a wonderful baker and when we went to visit I loved to sneak into her cupboards in her pantry for cookies and goodies.

Her parents were from Norway and she and my Grandpa Sven both spoke Norwegian. She made wonderful fattigmon, lefsa, and roll outs. So when I put my baking center together, I thought of her and decorated it with my Scandinavian things.

The center has an outlet,so I can plug in my mixer.I used 3M hooks to hang my measuring cups and spoons.

I have my cookie sheets, baking pans, flour and sugar canisters down below. Up above I have recipes easy to grab, and on top more cake pans. I can stir things together right in the cupboard, or turn around and use the counter top.

It's not exactly how I want it yet...I guess you'd call it a work in progress. I want to add racks on the inside of the doors for my spices. But I thought I'd share it with you anyway!

Here are a few of my favorite that remind me of my Grandma.


Diane said...

Your bake center looks wonderful. I love the idea of the plug for electrical appliances. Yours is so
colorful - Grandma would be proud!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea to have a baking cupboard!

Anonymous said...

That's so CUTE!