Monday, January 10, 2011

Bologna and cheese...Mondays with Mom

Chop or grind equal amounts of bologna and cheese. Stir in a bit of mayo, spread on bread and broil until cheese is melted.

It's that easy! This was one of my mom's favorite sandwiches she made so often for lunch. I could eat a ton of these. Probably did! Maybe it had something to do with the jungle I used to love to sing along with on T.V.

You know...the Oscar Mayer ones...anyone remember singing,"My bologna has a first name, it's M-A-Y-E-R"? Or how about the hot dog one, "I'd love to be an Oscar Mayer hot dog cuz everyone would be in love with me!"
You can check out the famous Oscar Mayer bologna jingle  here. I found it! The little boy is exactly as I cute! The company is actually very old, but the famous jingles were so popular in the 60's and 70's.

I actually haven't had bologna for years so I went out and bought some just to make these.  I made them on leftover bun halves, just like my mom always did. They were every bit as good as I remember as  a child!


Katerina said...

I love quick ideas for sandwiches. I can make one and take it with me at work.

Brownieville Girl said...

Great that it tasted just as good as when your Mum made it.

SherryBee said...

LOL----cute post! Our kids seem to be missing out on all the 'simple' things we loved as kids....sigh
Here's one for ya!
Ever had butter and sugar on a piece of white bread??? I can remember eating that!
Or grabbing a piece of rhubard from the garden, running in the house to dip it in the sugar, and crunch away! ewwwww
I was raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa....hehehehe
SherryBee in AZ