Friday, August 6, 2010

Cornbread Muffins

I've been craving cornbread all 6 weeks I have been on this new diet! {I have lost 12 lbs so far on TOPS} I couldn't take it anymore. Sometimes one just has to give I tried this recipe for cornbread muffins. They are so moist, so flavorful and have a nice corn meal crunch.

I quickly ate one and froze the rest. I can bake a lot of things and only have one piece..but there are those foods that are just cornbread...that I have to really control. I think the freezing will work..but I am prepared to take it one step further and give them away to friends. If anyone finds a basket of muffins on their know what happened!

Yesterday I had the Good Morning America show on and to my surprise they introduced Ree from Pioneer Woman. I've been a fan of hers for a long time. My fave recipe of hers is cinnamon rolls. Here's a link to the recipe scrapbook page {and photo} I made for them on my other stamping blog. Talk about foods I can't make and eat just one...these are ridiculous.... insane.... GOOD.

The segment was kind of a bummer though, because you could tell they had run out of time and she barely got to say a few words or cook much. I hope they have her on again and correct that!!!!

Back to the recipe. I was googling cornbread.... as my fave recipe {here's the link} calls for green chili's... which I didn't have...and I needed cornbread NOW. I found this recipe here.

Come to find out it was too called for chili's,etc. It sounded perfect. I even had buttermilk on hand. So I decided to try it out. It's a winner!

This is what one looked like right before I popped it in my mouth!

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Susan (peebsmama) said...

I like cornbread with other foods like chili or a hearty soup. Very clever to freeze the remaining batch. You mentioned the reason I rarely bake any more... temptaion. I love to bake and am a great baker, and that's one of the reasons I am not as thin as I used to be so I had to give it up because it's hard to eat only one brownie (muffin, cookie, piece of cake...) when a whole batch has just come out of the oven.