Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paula's Crispy Ranch Fries

Another good, simple recipe!

And this is from Paula Deen.... and NO butter!

This was fun for a change. We really liked the added flavor of the ranch mix.

I often come home from work and throw some frozen chicken strips and fries in the oven and call it, "Schwan night." The Schwan man comes once a month and I like to load up my freezer with his goodies. Some of our favorite products are the coconut shrimp, any of the chicken, both the regular and sweet potato fries,vegetables, and of course...... the ice cream!

When the kids were little they loved hearing the Schwan truck pulling into the drive way. They would quickly pick out there favorite ice cream treats to order. They loved the orange push ups the best. We love the Golden Nugget Bars and the Silver Mint bars. You can't go wrong with any of the ice cream!

Schwans company started right here in Minnesota. One of the reasons I buy from them is that not only are the products GOOD, but they also donate so much to some of the organizations I like. I love knowing  that the companies I buy from give back to others!

You can check them out here, at Schwan.

Paula's Crispy Ranch Fries

1 (26 oz.) bag frozen extra crispy fast food fries ( I used Schwans frozen baked fries}
1 (1 oz.) package dry ranch dressing mix, divided
1/2 c. ketchup
1/2 c. mayo ( I used lite)

Sprinkle fries with 1/2 package dry ranch mix and bake at 450 for 11-15 min. Stir the ketchup, mayo and the reserved dry ranch mix together. Serve with hot fries.


Jenna said...

Hey, I'm just right next door to you! I live in North Dakota. Nice to see other fellow food bloggers from around this area. :)

Anonymous said...

Those sound really good.........Schwans country here too (Southwest Mn) Hubby worked for them for many years. Love all the products you mentioned......have you tried the avocado halves? Soooooo good. They are all ready with the goodies that make them Guacamole.

Heather said...

Wow! These look like fun and I love Paula Deen! She is so real and great.=) Thanks for the follow! Right back at ya!=) http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/