Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brian's Roast Turkey

This was THEE best turkey I have ever had. I plan to try it myself, I hope I can duplicate it anyway!  My son-in-law Brian made it for Christmas dinner. It was by far the most flavorful, moist turkey we had ever tasted.

He rubbed the turkey under and on top of the skin with oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Then he took an apple, orange, and lemon, and quartered them. He stuffed the turkey with the fruit and added a handful of rosemary and thyme, and some celery.

Now I've had that before. But I think it was the method he used to roast it that made the difference. He set it on a rack in his roasting pan and cooked it upside down, { the dark meat} for 2 hours at 325. Then he flipped it and cooked it at 375, temping it until the white meat was 165 and the dark was 170.

It was delish!

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Elsa said...

Looks delicious! I need to buy a roasting pan though.... asap. :)