Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Squares

Here's an old time recipe...pumpkin pie squares. They are ALWAYS a hit! One of my co workers used to bring these to work quite often, so I thought of her today when I was making them. Isn't it funny how you associate certain recipes with people?

This dessert combo is delish....from the EZ melt in your mouth crust, and the sweet pumpkin layer to the buttery pecan topping. It's a perfect bite.

Besides this recipe being EZ and delicious, another advantage is that serves more people than a typical pumpkin pie. It fits a 9x13 pan, and I cut it into 12 big squares. If I was serving it with a big meal, like Thanksgiving dinner, I would cut them a bit smaller, into 20 squares. It's still a nice size, but won't make you feel stuffed after such a large meal. But that rarely happens to me..I'd just eat 2!

Pumpkin Pie Squares

1 c. flour
1/2 c. quick oats
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. butter
Mix altogether and pat in an ungreased 9 x 13 pan. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

1 No. 2 can pumpkin
1 large can evaporated milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 Tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 c. brown sugar.
Mix and pour onto crust and bake another 20 minutes

1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. chopped pecans
2 T. butter
Mix and sprinkle on top. Bake for 15 minutes longer or until set.

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Anonymous said...

I just tried this and it's awesome!

Pam said...

Have to try this one! My hubby loves pumpkin pie and these squares sound great. Thanks for the recipe!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh my, this looks perfect! I am definitely going to add this to my "Must Make" file!!
Thank you!!

scrappydean said...

How many cups of pumpkin are in a can? I make my own pumpkin puree so I don't use canned.

Donna Ellis said...

Yummmmm! Yes, it is wonderful how we think of past co-workers, friends or acquaintances, when doing something like they always did. Kindness has a way of never being forgotten, right? I enjoy your recipes immensely! hugs, de

laurie said...

2 cups
Fifteen ounces of canned pumpkin is just shy of 2 cups (16 ounces would be 2 cups).

stampwithsandy said...

Yummm I can't wait to try this!