Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awesome Smores on a Stick...pinned it and tried it

Ok, this was fun to make!

I was craving a snack the other day while I was on pinterest and this popped up.

I went straight to the pantry and got out some chocolate chips, melted a few in the microwave, dipped a couple marshmallows in and then rolled them in some graham cracker crumbs.

I didn't even let them dry...I ate them right away...after I took a few photos!

Awesome Smores on a Stick

10 graham crackers, crumbled
10 lolly pop sticks (I used tooth picks)
10 large marshmallows
1 package semi sweet chocolate, meted (I used some chocolate chips)

Put the marshmallows on the sticks, dip in melted chocolate, then roll in graham  cracker crumbs. Set on a plate to dry.

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