Sunday, December 29, 2013

PW's scalloped potatoes and ham

One of the things I got for Christmas from my daughter was PW's new cookbook. AND since I had leftover ham and some cream, I made her recipe for scalloped potatoes and ham. 

It was so flavorful, so creamy, so rich, so delicious! I plan to make this every time we have leftover ham.

You can find PW's recipe here. It is not exactly like the one in her book, but so similar it wouldn't make much of a difference. I think there are two kinds of cheese used, and in the book only one. I ended up using a combo of cheeses I had in the frig, so any kind you like would work!


Mary Callan said...

we LOVE scalloped potatoes but you've taken them to a whole new level here!
Delicious :)
Mary x

Pam said...

It sounds delicious! Happy New Year!