Sunday, December 13, 2015

Crock Pot Candy

I guess I'm "late to the party" making this awesome recipe... seems like everyone has made crock pot candy but ME.

Well not anymore!

It was SO much fun, too. 
I read quite a few recipes and lots of reviews before I decided which way to go. 

First I dumped two jars of Planter's dry roasted peanuts in the bottom of my crock pot.Then I broke up a bar of Bakers German Sweet Chocolate on top of that, plus a bag of chocolate chips. On top of that went TWO packages of white almond bark. Well, almost two...there were a few pieces I couldn't fit in! 

Most of the directions all said to put the cover on and turn it on low...leaving it untouched for 3 hours, before stirring. BUT.... I also read that this recipe was around when the first crock pots came out years ago, and the heating is different then the newer crock pots. In the reviews, many people had trouble with the peanuts burning, ruining the whole batch. Lots of unhappy people, and I can understand that, it's an expensive candy!

I've noticed on my newer crock pot, that the low setting does seem much higher. So I adjusted and put mine on WARM, just to be on the safe side.( I have 3 settings, warm, low and high.) I kept peeking at it, as I could smell the peanuts beginning to roast, but I did NOT stir. After a couple of hours, I turned it up to low, and within a half hour I could see it had all melted. 

SO... I finally gave it a stir:

Creamy and oh so delicious!

Then I started to spoon it into small candy liners:

And I KEPT spooning it until I ran out of liners and made small mounds. I didn't count, but I think I had about 150+! 

They were awesome to take the the bake sale at church, and also to a few Christmas parties. I have one container left in the freezer for Christmas day!

I will be making these again next Christmas, so easy, so delicious, and so perfect to share!

Crock Pot Candy

2 lbs. dry roasted peanuts
4 oz. bar bakers German Sweet Chocolate
2 1/2 lb. white almond bark
1  12 oz. chocolate chips

Layer first the peanuts, then the German chocolate bar, then chocolate chips, and white almond bark on top in a crock pot. Cook low for 3 hours, DO NOT STIR.
 After 3 hours, stir all together and drop by tablespoons into liners or onto parchment lined paper. Cool completely before stirring.

Make sure you adjust YOUR crock pot to this recipe to prevent burning!

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Leslie said...

I also burned an entire batch of this last Christmas in my "newer" crockpot and it was a mess, but you've made me want to give it a second chance in my tried and true older one. The candy looks so good that it's worth a shot! I love how you dipped it out into the mini cupcake holders to make them special. :) You always having something delicious cooking!
Christmas Blessings,