Saturday, December 17, 2016

Quick Christmas Eggnog

Hi everyone!

One of the drinks I like to serve for Christmas is this quick and easy eggnog. I think the balance of rum and eggnog is just right! In fact, it tastes just like a milkshake, so rich and creamy. I have never made eggnog from scratch, or had any other then store bought. I keep telling myself I will make some but then Christmas rolls around and it's just too easy to buy it!

I was curious as to how this drink became a holiday tradition though, and read a bit about it. It seems to have come across the pond in the 1700's. Here are a few links: Time , Mental floss, Alton Brown.


Quick Eggnog

1 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum
5 oz. of your favorite eggnog
pinch of fresh nutmeg

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1 comment:

Ali Phillips said...

yum! Gonna have to try this out :)