Monday, August 16, 2010

Baking with Dorie Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

Doesn't this look tempting?

I joined a baking group called "Baking on Monday's" using Dorie Greenspan's book, Baking From My Home To Yours.  This Monday  Chaya chose Brown Sugar Bundt Cake found on page 178. You can also find the recipe on her site.  I can see why she chose it!

I have to say for my first Dorie recipe I am VERY pleased. I knew this cake would be good but I had no idea it would be incredible. As it baked I could smell the brown sugar goodness and it was driving me crazy! I couldn't wait to taste it and had to have a piece as soon as it was cooled.{ Dorie says it tastes better the next day. I don't know. I think it tasted great every day I had some!} The brown sugar flavor just melts in your mouth and I loved the pieces of pears and raisins throughout. I followed the recipe exactly, except left out the nuts..I didn't have any on hand. I need to try it next time with the nuts. I don't know how it could get any better, though!

I just sprinkled some powdered sugar on mine.

But I made a brown sugar glaze and drizzled some on before I served it to Brent.....yum!

  I can't wait to try the next recipe.  Here's a link that will tell you more about it!


Grapefruit said...

Welcome to BWD and thanks for baking with us this week!
So glad you enjoyed this cake so much. I've got mine sitting tightly wrapped on a counter till tomorrow and I can't wait to taste it - it smells just heavenly!

Diana said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really love you cooking blog. Everything always looks so yummy.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I think your cake is a piece of art. I want to take a bite of it from here.

I loved this cake but mine was much drier than yours seems to be. The pears were delicious and they kept the inside nice and moist.

I am sure you will enjoy Baking with Dorie, every other Monday. I think the recipes only get more interesting.

Looking forward to baking many recipes together. Welcome.

rebecca said...

Looks delicious. I too couldn't wait to have some and so I ate mine- still warm,actually- and then I had to freeze the rest because we went out of town for a day and a half. Now I wish I had left some tightly wrapped so I could snack on it... like right now!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to BWD! That brown sugar glaze looks delicious. This was a big hit here too...we loved this!

tina_bakes said...

so tempting is your cake that I wish I can have a slice right now!! I love the fact that this cake is so versatile. I noticed each of us ommitted/added a few ingredients and we still love each of our versions!!