Monday, September 26, 2011

Mondays with Mom..Potato Patties

When I was a kid I could hardly wait for there to be left over mashed potatoes from supper. Leftover potatoes meant fried potato patties the next of my favorites!

Mom would let me help shape them into patties while she melted butter in her cast iron frying pan. Then she would sprinkle them with salt and pepper and fry them until they were golden brown. Some times she would add some minced onion to the potatoes before she shaped them into patties..that was always good too!

I still make them, but  not often, as there usually aren't any leftover mashed potatoes!

I like to sprinkle them with seasoned salt and some pepper, and often use non stick spray to fry them instead of butter.

This time I used butter. I added some more on top, too!


Penny Hanuszak said...

Oh Yum! Your mom's the best. I'm having mashed potatoes with our Turkey dinner tomorrow so if there's any left, you know what'll I'll be doing with them. This was a treat from my long ago past that I'd forgotten about. Looking forward to resurrecting it. Thanks Laurie for your great posts!

Vicky said...

We make these also, but before we fry them up they are dipped in a mixture of milk and beaten egg. It gives the potato cake a crisper finish. Yummy.