Friday, February 7, 2014

Corn flake chicken

I was hungry for fried chicken, but didn't want all that fat, so I found this recipe at allrecipes.  I'm probably the last person to make it. I see many similar recipes floating around the net.

While it did not taste exactly like fried chicken, it was a great replacement. Crunchy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside.

It was so easy, and so delicious, I know I will be making this often!

Corn flake chicken

3 boneless chicken breasts
1 c. lite sour cream
Lawry's season salt
1/3 c. Parmesan cheese
1 c. crushed corn flakes

Mix the sour cream and Parmesan cheese. Mix some Lawry's with the crushed corn flakes. Spread the sour cream mixture onto the chicken, dip into the corn flakes. Place on a greased foil lined cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for an hour or until juices run clear.

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1 comment:

Anita Stafford said...

Laurie, I have a similar recipe with the cornflakes but without the sour cream. This sounds wonderful, and I'll have to try it. I like to bake our chicken and use different recipes to keep the variety going. Thanks for the new recipe!