Friday, September 15, 2017

Milano Ghosts and Reeses Witch Brooms

Pinned it, tried it, and LOVED it!

Yes, I confess. I have been spending lots of time on Pinterest lately! I like to look at all the fall things people have been posting. 

I ran across these "cute as can be"ghosts and witch brooms and had to make a few! They were so easy, and tasty. I didn't think Milano's could get better, but we loved them with the white chocolate. I just dipped half of the cookie and added some black sprinkles for eyes. 

The brooms were even easier! I took a toothpick and made a hole in the Reese miniature cup, and stuck the pretzel inside. Who doesn't love a sweet and salty snack? Yum!

These would be fun for kids of course,but also great for Halloween parties. I think I will head back to Pinterest and see what else I can find...LOL!

Have a great day!

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